How It Works

Do I have to book in advance?

Yes. We have a limited amount of spaces for each event. Advance booking also helps us gauge the level of interest as we will try and make sure that there is an exact ratio of brothers and sisters who are attending the event. The tickets will be limited. You cannot book on the day and anyone attending without a valid booking will be refused entry. To avoid disappointment we advise that you book early.

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What will happen at the event?

After the initial registration there will be a short introduction by the event organisers who will explain in more detail how the event works. All attendees will be sat on round tables with each table consisting of 4 males and 4 females, seated in a staggered formation i.e. male, female, male, female etc etc.

Once the event starts you will have the opportunity to converse with each of the attendees on a one-to-one basis. You will be allocated a period of time with each attendee, once your time is up the male attendees will rotate around the table (females stay in the same seat throughout the event). Once you have met all the attendees on your table the male attendees will move on to the next table and it will be the same process throughout the day.

The day is split into two halves separated by lunch and Salah. You will meet half of the attendees in the morning and the remaining half in the afternoon. Our team will be on hand throughout the day to help attendees.

After you have met with everyone you will have the opportunity to arrange some further time with anyone who you felt could be compatible. You can do this by approaching one of the event organisers who will then arrange this for you. Please note at no time will anyone be left in a secluded area, the event will take place in an open plan space to ensure all participants feel safe, comfortable and relaxed and the event remains halal.

A Muslim scholar will also be on hand to explain the importance of marriage and to answer any marriage related questions you may have.

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Can I exchange my contact details with a participant?

Yes. If you are happy to do so then we have no problem with this. Please note we take no responsibility for whatever happens afterwards.

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Will dinner be provided?

Yes. A three course buffet lunch will be provided and refreshments will be available for the duration of the event.

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Is there a charge and why?

Yes. We only choose the best quality venues and supply all attendees with a quality buffet and refreshments. We also invest a lot in advertising the events, and the staff required to ensure the events are well organised, kept safe and halal.

The costs cover all the day-to-day running of the service, further development and marketing (which runs into £1,000’s) to make sure that we attract the very best in Muslim singles for you to choose from.

We aim to organise high-quality events but we are only able to do this by charging a nominal fee. Bearing in mind that the average Muslim wedding cost, we believe this is great value for money. We would love to provide completely free events but we have a lot of overheads to account for.

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How do I book/pay for my ticket?

You can book your ticket via our secure website using a credit/debit card. Just click on the 'Book Now' button at the top of this page and fill out the simple online order form.

Alternatively, if you don't have a credit/debit card, you can either pay by BACS (bank transfer) or by depositing the payment directly into our bank account. Once you have deposited the money you will need to call us on 07545 272 567 to let us know you have made a payment. Once we have confirmation of payment we will then confirm your booking via email.

Our bank details are:

Bank: HSBC
Account Name: Muslim Marriage Events UK Ltd
Account No: 02141329
Sort Code: 40-45-11

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How will I receive my tickets?

Once you have completed the (online) booking form and have made the payment (via PayPal), you will receive a confirmation email from ourselves and a second email from PayPal which confirms your payment was successful. You will need to print off the confirmation and bring it with you on the day. We do not send anything in the post purely for confidentiality reasons.

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I haven't received my email confirmation.

Please email us at or call us on 07545 272 567 (Mon-Fri 9am-6pm).

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I don’t want to go on my own. Can I bring someone with me?

Yes. We understand that attending an event like this can be quite daunting for some, so we allow attendees to bring along a mahram/chaperone. You can bring more than one mahram/chaperone with you but each one will need to purchase a ticket. The mahram/chaperone tickets include lunch and refreshments.

The mahram/chaperone will not be allowed to participate in the event, they are merely there for support and will be seated near the back of the room rather than at the participants' table. The mahram/chaperone tickets are limited and are sold on a first come, first served basis, so if you intend to bring a mahram/chaperone then you will need to book early. 

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Can I come to observe only?

No! Finding a marriage partner is a highly sensitive and serious issue. We want all the attendees to feel safe and relaxed and not feel like they are being watched by non-participants (other than any mahrams/chaparones).

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Will there be segregation?

No. The aim of the event is for participants to meet a prospective marriage partner, the only way to achieve this is by face-to-face meetings.

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When can I see and speak to other participants?

You will get the opportunity to speak to participants during the main discussion part of the event. You will also have a further opportunity to speak to anyone you felt could be compatible during lunch and at the end of the event.

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Do I have to stay for the whole event?

No. You may leave at anytime but we recommend that you stay for the duration to gain maximum benefit and converse with as many prospective partners as possible.

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I feel that I am not a practising Muslim, can I still come?

Yes. Attendees will be from many different backgrounds and lifestyles.

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What should I wear on the day?

You can wear whatever you feel comfortable with. Although this is not a job interview, first impressions count, so we recommend you make an effort. We also ask that you dress modestly eg. nothing revealing, after all, this is a Muslim event and we should operate within the boundaries of Islam.

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What is the post-event match making service?

The post-event match making is a service we provide all attendees as part of our event. This is free follow-up service to help attendees contact each other who have met at a particular event. For example, if you meet someone at an event and you don't get chance to speak to them later in the day, then you can contact us via email and we will contact that attendee on your behalf. We will let them know you wish to contact them and with your consent we will forward your contact details which will enable the other person to contact your directly. However, as you will appreciate, sometimes people do not want to make contact for whatever reason so we cannot always guarantee a reply.

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Can you guarantee I will meet a partner?

No. We cannot guarantee you will meet someone at the events. As you will be aware, everyone has a different personality and different preferences in what they are looking for in a marriage partner. However, we will aim to organise ‘specific’ events where the attendees have a similar background eg. are all in the same age bracket; are all reverts; are all divorcees etc, this will maximise your compatibility to others you meet.

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What ‘specific’ events will you be organising?

One of our aims is to organise events where all the attendees are from a similar background. This will ensure that all the participants are like minded and have a higher chance of finding a compatible partner. The type of events we aim to organise are:

  • Open Event - This is open to all Muslims regardless of age or background.
  • Reverts Event - This is open to people who have reverted to Islam or anyone seeking to marry a revert.
  • Divorcees & Widowed Event - This is open to people who have been previously married and are looking for someone from a similar background or people who are willing to marry a divorcee or widower.
  • Professionals Event - This is open to people who are in a professional field. Specifically people working in the field of Law, Medicine, IT, Journalism, Media, Finance, Engineering, Science, Banking or Graduates and are looking for someone from a similar background. Events may be targeted to specific professions.
  • Age Events - These events will be open to people who are within a certain age bracket and/or are looking for someone within a certain age group.
  • Pakistani Muslim Event - This is open to Pakistani Muslims or anyone looking for someone from a Pakistani Muslim background.
  • Indian Muslim Event - This is open to Indian Muslims or anyone looking for someone from an Indian Muslim background.
  • Bengali Muslim Event - This is open to Bengali Muslims or anyone looking for someone from a Bengali Muslim background.
  • African / Caribbean Muslim Event - This is open to African / Caribbean Muslims or anyone looking for someone from a African/Caribbean Muslim background.
  • Special Needs Muslim Event - This is open to Muslims with Special Needs or anyone looking for someone from a Special Needs background.

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Will you organise more events?

Yes. We will be organising events at various locations throughout the UK. Please keep an eye on this site for dates and venues for future events. If there is a particular event you are interested in and a date/venue has not yet been confirmed, then please fill in the online contact form and one of our team will contact you as soon as anything is confirmed.

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Are there any childcare facilities?

No. Please do not bring any children as you will be refused entry.

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Can I have a refund if I don’t find anyone or choose to cancel?

No. There will be no refunds regardless of whether you find someone or not. There will also be no refunds if you decide not to attend the event. Our events are booking only for a select number of male and female attendees. Once you have booked, your ticket is reserved and therefore cannot be re-sold.

The ticket price covers the cost of advertising the event; hire of the venue; lunch; refreshments, and other organisational/administration costs which ‘’ will still have to pay, even if you choose not to attend or cancel.

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Do you give discounts?

No. Our events are priced to reflect costs incurred and we feel that the price of the tickets is great value for money for the quality of event we are offering.

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Can I take photographs?

No. Cameras will not be allowed and if anyone is seen taking photos or recording in any way, they will be asked to leave.

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Will there be any prayer facilities at the venue?

Yes. Insha’Allah our events will held at venues where there are prayer facilities. If for some reason these are not available, we will notify attendees of any nearby Mosques or other facilities.

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What are the general etiquettes for these events?

We ask all attendees to be polite and respectful to all brothers and sisters who are attending the event. Be open and truthful when in conversation, after all, the person you are talking to could be your prospective spouse.

We want everyone to feel comfortable, relaxed and enjoy this unique experience. Anyone who operates outside these boundaries will be asked to leave.

Further details about general etiquette will be given on the day.

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I have found success through your event.

Please inform us if you find success through our events as we would love to know how successful our events are.

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